Kendra Chritz

Department of Geography
University of Oregon
245 Columbia Hall
Eugene, OR 97403

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Press: The Atlantic

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Press: U. Utah News

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Press: BBC

Manuscripts in Prep
Chritz KL, Mendoza D, Xu X, Lehman J, Pataki D, Lin J. Stable and radioisotopes as markers of historic air pollution and urbanization in the Salt Lake Valley, Utah.

Chritz KL, Cerling TE, Hildebrand EA, Janzen A., Ndiema E, Purity K. Changing diets of early herders during the Pastoral Neolithic in Kenya.

Chritz KL, Andanje SA, Blumenthal SA, Cerling TE. Stable isotope serial samples of wild H. amphibius canines reveal dietary and behavioral variability. 

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