Kendra Chritz

Department of Geography
University of Oregon
245 Columbia Hall
Eugene, OR 97403

My research has been featured in numerous popular press articles. Specific media articles are linked to the corresponding journal article on my "Publications" page.

Smithsonian Magazine: "The Upside of Rotting Carcasses". link

Interview for LGBT Stem. link

National Geographic: "How 2 Million Pounds of Rotting Flesh Helps the Serengeti". link

Climate Central: "Scientists are Saving Climate Data; This Is Why It Matters". link

Interview for KRCL 90.9 radio program “The Beehive”. link 

National Geographic Explorer of the week profile. link 

National Geographic Explorer’s Bios. link

Vancouver grad researching paleoecological reconstruction in Kenya. The Columbian, January 4. link 

University of Portland alumni profile. link

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